The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride (Harlequin Comics) - Sandra Marton
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The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride (Harlequin Comics)

By Sandra Marton

  • Release Date: 2015-08-06
  • Genre: Femmes


“Go to Texas. There you’ll find what you’re looking for.” With this mysterious message from his grandfather Felix Reyes, Lucas sets off on a journey and stumbles upon a shocking truth. Before he died, his grandfather had orchestrated Lucas’s betrothal to Alyssa, a friend’s daughter. Lucas didn’t want to give up the bachelor life and had no interest in marriage…and neither did Alyssa. When Lucas appears out of nowhere, Alyssa knows she can’t marry someone so arrogant. However, since half the deed to her ranch belongs to the Reyes family, if she refuses the marriage, she must also let go of her beloved home…